Top of the 1st~

Sooo…here is the initial post on my new site. I made the decision to go BLOG rather than standard website for my Real Estate and Consulting related material. This way; I feel, I can get you the most current market information while still providing you with updated property offerings, interest rate flashes and more. Not just relentless property listings and lists of accomplishments.

My property listings will be adjective filled, with several photo’s to show you exactly what you may get should you choose a particular property. This free-spirit format allows for a different view without the restrictions of templates and limited photo opportunities.

I will also cover items of interest in new loan programs, point-of-view from my experiences, and some market statistics which affect YOU because they are local and not a pre-fab national outlook coming from a remote source.

My intent is to inform and update you on those things mentioned above, plus to enlighten and entertain at the same time. Real Estate sales can be tedious, frightening and nerve racking. I wish to eliminate as many of these factors as possible, while at the same time making it a more enjoyable as well as rewarding experience for you.

You will find that I do NOT do business just the same as everyone else. I subscribe to the theory that different is better, and while there are standards of practice, and rules-of-thumb; my way of going about the business of obtaining property for you, is based on careful study and dissemination of available information to ensure you are being fully represented and cared for in each and every transaction. This is not just “blowing smoke”…you will see by reading my “Testimonials” page that this is something I very much practice…not just preach.


There is a theory out there that Real Estate agents from different companies hate each other and are cut-throat in their attempts to gain your business. While this may be true for some, I have found that treating other agents like I wish to be treated myself, is not only the right thing to do, but it betters my chances of drawing attention to my properties for sale (your listings) and creates much better working conditions when cooperation between agents means everything to consumate a sales transaction. In fact, from time to time, you may find another agents name being highly praised right here on these pages… On MY BLOG!  Why;… because I sincerely believe that good works should be recognized as often as possible.

There is simply no room for treating clients OR other agents poorly for any reason.

While I do believe it is perfectly fine to accumulate wealth and obtain nice things, at the same time, I believe one should go into a transaction armed with all the knowledge necessary for making good decisions. Emotion can NOT be the sole reason for making your Real Estate purchase. I will be there for you to help avoid that easy to succumb to pitfall. My role is to be the one who helps you along this path, and NOT simply to create additional wealth for myself regardless of the consequences to you.

Further; I will strive fully to help you understand that staying within your means and continuing to be able to do those things which bring you joy, should be considerations when setting your housing or investment budget. I work ONLY with lending professionals who agree with me in this matter and not just to get you the maximum dollar amount which you are able to qualify. There is a lot to be said for being “debt-free” and paying off a mortgage early. I say let’s bring back the days of “mortgage burning parties!!!”

These subjects and others will be discussed, scrutinized and shared on these pages…

So folks…that’s it for my initial post on Jimmy Reece Inc’s BLOG. Please let me know your thoughts on this format. I know it is a bit UNconventional, but you know me…if it’s normal…it ain’t ME~

Thanx a bunch,